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Touching the Surface


The Power of The Program

Classes are designed to allow you to learn the unique style of intimacy the pleasure school offers. 

You will be paired with a Body Model whom you will work on while the instructor is there to teach you. 

prices cover the time of the practitioner and the instructor. 

there will be three people in the room including yourself. 

you may need multiple classes to fully master your technique. 

For Couples

Romantic Couple_edited_edited.jpg

Intimacy School for couples. Learn Exercises, techniques, skills, and methods to rekindle the spark. One step forward to exploring Intimacy with your partner. 


Would you like to learn some skills and techniques only to enhance your lovemaking skills?


We want to make this experience for you as easy, light, and beautiful as possible. 


With a friendly and nurturing approach, nothing will occur without the full consent of both partners. 


* Come in as a couple to learn skills and techniques with one another.

Here there is no interaction at all with the practitioner, she is there only to guide you, instruct you and make it a light and fun experience for the both of you. An instructional session is gentle, and an easy way to approach the experience of having a third person in the room. You will be instructed by a highly-skilled, trained, and mature Sexologist who can work with you both to help overcome any issues, traumas, or dysfunctions.   

If you would like to book with the sexologist, an initial telephone consultation is needed to understand the areas of focus needed in the session. (the sexologist is fully clothed and will fully guide you and talk you through everything you need to do) . Your teacher is a Psychotherapist and a Master Sexologist and Intimacy Trainer with over 20 years of experience.



Set in a Legally Licensed and permitted space, we are offering lessons for singles and couples as hands-on classes. From Massage and foreplay, Fingering and yoni massage, to Tantric Sex and Deep Intimacy

SMS today enquire about a private class. 

Singles can be paired with a practice partner for the below classes. 

Sensual Bodywork Class -

Bring your own Partner to work on 90min.

Private Lesson where we provide you a partner 90min

How to give a woman a sensual and erotic bodywork in the style of Nuru or Tantra. 

this is a private session with an instructor and a Body Model. Includes gentle genital stimulation tips. 

Fingering Class 

Bring your own partner to work on 90min.

Private Lesson where we provide you a partner  90min

How to give a woman a proper Unshi or Yoni or fingering experience. Whichever terminology you like using. 

Learn on a woman, by a woman in a private setting. 

Tantric Sex Class   

Bring your own partner to work on 90-105min.

Private Lesson  where we provide you a partner  90-105min.

Learn the art of Tantric Sex. The teacher will guide you into the right movements and breathwork and intercourse techniques. 

You may need more than one class to learn these techniques but these will be with you for life.


If there are any other lessons you are desiring, please let us know and we will try to put together a private class for you. Only lessons on enhancing Intimacy are able to be provided. 

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